This summer, middle and high school students have the opportunity to join a squad!

Each week, squads will meet virtually for bible study, compete in squad challenges, and even win awesome prizes for the whole squad! Squads are led by the GP college interns and split into four teams based on grade: GREEN (Middle School), PINK (9th), ORANGE (10th) and BLUE (11th and 12th).
Squad Meet Ups will take place every Tuesday, where each squad will meet their college interns in different locations to participate in fun activities and exciting challenges! The weekly winning squad will be announced at every Main Event. Join a squad and get ready for some summer fun with the Gathering Place! For more information and to sign up text “squads” to 56525 or fill out the form below. 
Squad meet-ups are held every week on Tuesdays, with a Zoom call devotion at 9am and physical meet-ups that vary each week. Fill out the form below to sign up and get more information!
This week, squads will be meeting individually for squad meet-ups. Check your squad page or message your squad leaders for more information!
Link to zoom meet-up: