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Doulos Internship is a full-time, 6 days a week,  paid internship for High School Rising  Juniors, and Seniors. Doulos, a Greek word meaning servant, signifies our goal that all Doulos Interns become servant leaders. This internship is for rising high school  Junior or Senior students only. This is for you if you desire to have a summer job that will help you grow in your faith and give you work experience!

A total compensation package of $1550 is provided for each Doulos Intern which includes Intern fees, a kick-off retreat and the summer salary of $1000. This program is a great resume builder as a leadership development program and on-the-job experience. Students interested in this program must apply and after an interview process, a team of Doulos Interns is chosen. Limited space available!

If you want to be a part of our student led Main Events, you must participate in one of the summer internships. The application below has space for you to fill out your interest in being a part of the Main Events. If you have any questions please email John@thegp.org or click here to begin the application process.

The Doulos Internship for 2023 is FULL!

A Typical Week:
Sundays: 4:30pm-9pm Meet at the Main Event Venue
Mondays: 1-3pm Meet at Gather for Leadership Training with GP Staff
Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri: 9am-12pm – Report to assigned Job Site  “There will be flexibility on work schedule throughout the summer”

Opportunities will be provided to be a part of other GP programs and events at no expense to the Doulos Intern.

Some of our Job Partners:
Gilbert, Harrell, Sumerford and Martin, PC,
Glynn County Recreation Department,
Wake Up Coffee
The Humane Society,
And Many More!