GP Fellowship

A GP fellow is a highly motivated, teachable, and eager to learn student. This person, who is at least an upperclassman in college and/or 20 years or older, would be a full-time fellow with The Gathering Place who commits to one year of personal and professional growth. The program is designed to help individuals grow in three main ways: to sharpen their leadership skills, to grow spiritually and in their knowledge of Scripture and finally, to grow in professional and career skills. Their work week would be split up into two segments: 20 hours a week working with The Gathering Place staff and the other 20 hours a week would be spent working at another business or organization. The work at The GP and the work at the professional job site placement would be based on their unique individuals skill set. Each Fellow will receive a custom placement, catered to the gifting, skills and career field interests that each fellow has.

For more info and for FAQ’s on the GP Fellowship, please email Madhur Dey¬†or SIGN UP BELOW!

If you would like to read about the experience of one of our fellows, head over to our blog.