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Opportunities for Students

Gathering Place internship experiences give students the context to grow alongside friends and mentors. GP internships help students find their identity in Christ and give students the tools they need to use their talents to impact the world. Check out our internships and see if any of them fit you or someone you know!

Doulos Internship

High School Juniors and Seniors


 Doulos Internship is a full time, 6 days a week,  paid internship. Doulos, a Greek word meaning servant, signifies our goal that all Doulos Interns become servant leaders. This internship is for rising high school Junior or Senior students only. This is for you if you desire to have a summer job that will help you grow in your faith and give you work experience!

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A total compensation package of $1550 is provided for each Doulos Jr. Intern which includes Jr. Intern fees, a kick-off retreat and the summer salary of $1000. This program is a great resume builder as a leadership development program and on-the-job experience. Students interested in this program must apply and after an interview process, a team of Doulos Interns is chosen. Limited space available!

If you want to audition and be a part of our student lead Main Event Worship band you must participate in one of the summer internships. The application below has space for you to fill out your interest in being apart of the Main Event Worship Band. If you have any questions please email Johntgp@gmail.com or click here to begin the application process.

Some of our Job Partners:

Gilbert, Harrell, Sumerford and Martin, PC,
CIA Sports,
Glynn County Recreation Department,
Lucas Properties,
The Humane Society,
And Many More!

SLX Internship

A High School Leadership Experience + Summer Leadership Camp

COST: $350

The SLX Internship is an incredible way for rising 9th-12th grade students to make the most of their summer. Why have a boring summer when you can be part of the Gathering Place Leadership Experience as an intern? This is a part-time commitment with a 3-day per week commitment: Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Your experience will begin with our over night GP Leadership Camp (dates to be determined) at Epworth by the Sea – that will catapult you into a summer of fun and making new friends. (If you have camp, family vacation or a church trip, its ok! This experience gives you flexibility and something constant to come back to after your trips).

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Be part of the key team that helps us pull of the weekly Main Events! From serving on the tech team, band, hospitality, skits or prayer, you will play a key role in organizing nine incredible events that draw thousands of students!

This day will be filled with games, leadership development teaching, talking with your friends and college mentor about real life issues and fun outings! Every Tuesday in the summer, we will be meeting at Saint Simons Elementary School (In the Gym) at 805 Ocean BLVD on Saint Simons Island at 9:00am. Please make it a priority to come to the MAY 14th KICKOFF EVENT/6PM AT COLLEGE PLACE UMC to learn more about Tuesdays in the summer!

This day will be a mixture of memory making outings and opportunities to serve our community to help those in need. We will be meeting at Brunswick High School at 9:00am to depart to our service/memory maker location.  Since each Thursday will be a different activity, please make it a priority to come to the MAY 14th KICKOFF EVENT/6PM AT COLLEGE PLACE UMC to get a list of where we will be serving!

In addition to these scheduled times, every high school student in the leadership experience is matched with one of our awesome college interns. You will have the chance to grow through a relationship with a college student who is here to help you grow!
More questions? Email: Jimmy@thegp.org

GP Leadership Camp

Dates To Be Determined 

Cost $300

We love the camp environment and we love what God can do through students who want to experience more of Him together with others.  That is why The Gathering Place has created an amazing camp experience designed to propel students into deeper relationships, while helping to sharpen their leadership skills.

This year, we will be on the campus of Epworth By The Sea on Saint Simons Island, GA.  Our hope is that every camper involved in this leadership camp will develop a deeper love for Jesus while understanding and growing in the gifts that God has given them to build His Kingdom.

Please make it a priority to come to the  KICKOFF EVENT/6PM AT COLLEGE PLACE UMC (Date To Be Determined) to get more detailed information about the camp!

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