College Internship Application

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  • The Summer College Internship was developed with a threefold purpose in mind- Leadership Development, Spiritual Enrichment and Practical Experience. We will work with you to discover how God has uniquely shaped you for ministry. You will get hands-on experience doing real student ministry in a variety of settings. Throughout the internship, you will have opportunities to develop unique skills to equip you and refine your calling in His Kingdom. Following Christ's example, you'll begin building relationships with local teenagers right away. As you live life in their world and learn to love them as God does, you'll be able to share your faith in a loving way with those who have never known Jesus Christ making an eternal impact. It is our intention that long after you are gone that the students will be able to stand strong in their faith and continue to grow. As the internship comes to a close it is our prayer that you will leave with a clearer identity and calling in Christ, a stronger passion for ministry, and skills to use to impact those around you.