Middle & High School Campus Ministries

The GP actively reaches students in Middle School and High School where they spend most of their time: in school. Our Campus Ministry staff excels in seeking creative ways to serve the school system and address the needs of students through the following programs:

Motivator Programs – Band of Brothers

Many students are at risk of dropout or other trouble, either because of family life, past history or peer group. This program helps motivate these students to graduate through small groups, field trips, one-on-one attention, and an annual college tour throughout Georgia.

School Assembly Programs

We provide a dynamic speaker for an in-school Assembly Program, and use that forum to invite students to a night rally where we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We reach every student in the middle and high schools with a positive, motivating message; that’s reaching over 6,500 students in one week!

College Tour

A part of the Motivator Program is a 4-day trip that exposes students to the possibilities of further academic excellence by touring colleges in Georgia. The college tour also allows the youth to tour the CNN center, Coca Cola and surrounding businesses in order to give them a taste of the business world.