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The GP has become increasingly effective, year after year, thanks to so many who care, pray, volunteer and donate. Praise be to God, for He continues to bless this powerful work! We often hear, “when I was younger, the Gathering Place made a big difference in my life. I hope the GP will still be here for my kids.” We have organized our Alumni Association to ensure that the work of The GP does in fact continue. You may be asking, what qualifies a GP alumni? We invite anyone who was involved in a GP mentor group/707, any GP Internship or served on a leadership team to join us! Of course, if you were involved in The GP before any of those titles or roles formally existed, we invite you to join us as you are a part of The GP family!

Future GP Alumni need us! We all need each other. (Romans 12:8). We want all Alumni to pull together to be united and extend God’s Kingdom by training more young Christian leaders through the GP programs. The GP board is currently finishing up a strategic plan for the next several years and we will need your support for the many exciting things in the future for The GP! To RSVP for our inaugural Homecoming weekend June 29-30, to become a financial partner, and to update your contact info, please see below!

Homecoming Weekend – June 29-30, 2013

We hope you will join us and other alumni for the first ever GP Homecoming Weekend, June 29-30! It will begin Saturday night, June 29th with a dutch treat dinner gathering at Gnats Landing at 6:30 p.m on St. Simons. We will also gather together for light snacks and fellowship at 8:00 p.m., immediately prior to the GP Event Sunday, June 30th, at Strickland Auditorium in Epworth. We will gather in a tent set up for this special night, so as to make sure and leave room for the students who are there to hear the Gospel in the auditorium. Come relive the excitement and see how the GP has developed!

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