Upcoming Transition For 707 Ministry – Farewell To Paula!

March 2, 2017

Paula VanOtteren has faithfully led our 707 program in a part-time capacity since 2014 and now in this new season, she has decided to step down from her role. We are sad to see Paula go, but we know she will continue to be a part of The GP family!

She wanted to share the following with The GP community about her transition:

“God has been at work in our family in a season of change. We are expecting our second baby in early June and in addition to this, the GP was gifted with a donation that will enable them to make the Associate Director of Discipleship a full time position (I have been in this role part time until now). So, with growth happening in our lives and in this program, I am stepping down from my role over the 707 program.
I believe that God is doing big things in this transition, and I will continue to cheerlead this program and the dedicated 707 leaders who make it all possible. I truly love the 707 program, and I will continue on as a 707 leader and a part of the GP community.
Personally, I am blessed to continue working part time from home through a recent opportunity, as well as help with our family’s two growing small businesses as we prepare to welcome our new baby!

I want to take this opportunity to say how much I have truly enjoyed working with this ministry and I know that the next staff person to join The GP team in this role will be blessed to have a such an awesome team of leaders. Thank you!”

Paula VanOtteren
We are so thankful for all the investment Paula has made into this ministry the last few years and we send her with our blessings!

During the transition, Madhur Dey (madhur@thegp.org), will be the temporary point of contact until a new staff member is in place. Madhur is the Director over the department 707 groups fall into and he will be able to help with any questions you may have. Please pray for us as we fill the Associate Director of Discipleship with a full time candidate.